Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 22- 1 MORE SLEEP!

Just sittin on the floor feeling yucky. :o(

Cuties, I wish they would have felt good enough to play today.

Pink again but blue booties!

Ok Josh I and were talking about how blessed we are to have all of you following, praying, supporting us through this journey. Thank you so much you have been such a blessing to us. We were figuring it out and we think if we mapped everybody on a map of the world the pins would wrap all the way around! I'm amazed how BIG our God is!

So here is some commentary...

10pm- Aut "I'm going to bed"

11pm- Josh "Did you set the alarm?
Aut "yes" (I double check it is set for 8:45am our driver picks us up at 9:30 am).

12am- I have a headache and can't sleep stay up till 1 am.
8 am- Josh "What time is it?"
Aut barely awake looks at phone "8am"

unknown time to us...... do you see where this is going?

Josh "What time is it?" Aut gets phone "9:37am Oh MY GOSH!!!!"

The bed explodes and we aren't in there anymore.

9:40 am phone rings is Tatianna.
Josh in his rush accidentally hangs up on her! Ugh!

9:42 am mad run down 5 flights of stairs to the car. Oi! Gotta love it.

We don't know what happened cuz the alarm is still set on the phone. ? We felt awful! Tatianna and Valentin were very understanding and laughed with us.

As we found out upon arrival, the orphanage has been closed due to the flu. They went ahead and let us see the boys but you could tell they weren't feeling well. I don't think they have the flu but something was up. Yuri was self soothing before he even got to us. Usually he won't start until later in the visit. Neither boy wanted to play so we just sat and tried to comfort them. Tatianna came and went over some questions that might be asked during court tomorrow.
So even though it was a hard decision we decided not to visit the boys tommorrow. I think it will be good since the orphanage is closed anyway and they aren't feeling great and since we have court and have to get packed up to head out afterward. So today was the last day we will see the babies for a few weeks, yuck.
Here are a few answers to some of your questions, sorry if I leave anything out.
- yes, Josh and I will both be coming home for the 10 day wait period.
-yes, both boys are on a bottle, neither eat solids
-Only I will be coming back to get them accompanied by my wonderful Sister-in-law, Robin
- I think Bohdan is wearing a 6-9 month and Yuri is in 18 month.
What a ride! Only one more sleep till court, Yippeee! This is quite a long time coming! Plese continue to pray for the Judge and for Tatianna. Thank and love to you all!


  1. Praying Court goes well and the flu clears out of the orphanage!!! I so miss getting to run around like crazy in Valentin's little BMW with u guys!

  2. Praying all goes well tomorrow, I'm sure it will, and I can't wait to see you come back for your gorgeous boys when they are officially yours!

  3. I AM SO PRAYING FOR COURT - THAT ALL WILL GO SMOOTHLY! Please dear Lord... I know it is going to be hard to leave them... just keep counting the sleeps - keep your eyes on the prize and hold tight to the One who loves them with an EVERLASTING LOVE.

  4. Wishing you all the very best, try not to be too nervous, you will get through it and then the countdown to bring your beautiful boys home begins proper!
    Have been reading your journey daily and rooting for you all - tomorrow will be no exception so count on lots of good wishes and prayers coming your way from here in the UK.
    Angela - mum of Xander adopted Krasnoarsk 2001 and Anastasia adopted St Petes December 2009.

  5. Praying hard for you guys at court tomorrow. I know you will do great!!


  6. Many thoughts and prayers! What a journey!

  7. It's tomorrow there already! No more sleeps! Today is the day that the LORD has made - let us rejoice and be glad in it! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  8. Thinking of you today and anxiously awaiting news!