Sunday, January 23, 2011

The train ride.....

This was the picture Robin took this morning. What a happy guy!!

Both boys have been doing so good. I am so proud of them. This is a super huge change for them. The boys went down last night by themselves. Yuri woke up a little while later and it took me a few hours to figure out the problem but now I know.

They are eating well. They don't like everything we make which is just baby food in jars and cereal (this is what we were told to feed them per the orphanage). I tried to make them chicken stew and then I used a food grinder I brought with me to grind it up. I thought for sure they would eat it but no way. They eat stuff we don't expect them too though. Robin and I aren't being picky if they are eating we are happy.

We caught the 'day' train to the main city. I expect a 'day' train to arrive during the day. Nope, we arrived at 10pm. The boys were so tired and they wouldn't sleep on the train. Bohdan was his usual sweet laid back self and just sat in our laps. Yuri...... Yuri was not ok. He finally had had enough of the newness. He was beside himself. Fussing loudly, flailing around, hitting us and him. The train proved to be too much. He would do good for a little bit but then work himself back into a frenzy.

Please pray!! Please pray the plane rides are not the same. Please pray they are better. Please pray that he can handle it all and rest. That he will be content.


  1. I've been following your journey since your first trip over. And I tried to post yesterday but my ipad wouldn't do it.
    Anyway, we are praying for your trip home. We are so excited the boys are free! And they are headed home. Praying peace over Yuri for the remainder of your travel.

  2. Praying and praying some more for Yuri. Would ear plugs help him? Benadryl for the trip home? Praying a special grace for you, and oh so happy to hear Bohdan is doing so well.

  3. Poor Yuri, I am so sorry he's having a rough time. I will be praying for him! That little Bohdi is cute cute cute! I don't know how you handle all the cuteness, I just have a big silly grin on my face every time I see him!

  4. Praying for peace for Yuri. Praying the Lord will be his comfort on the flight back.

    So, what was it that kept Yuri up? Kinda left us hanging there! :)

  5. Oh goodness.....Hailee was exactly the same on the train. She was DONE with it. She screamed for hours. I feel so bad for you, friend, it is not easy.

    Know that we are praying you all the way home. It will soon be nothing but a distant memory. You are covered in prayer as you make your way're almost there.

    Sending you a huge hug and all my love

  6. What big changes have taken place for those little guys! Prayers for all as they take it all in and as you travel. Love that smile!!

  7. We are praying Autumn... Gotcha day must have been so amazing. The slide show that Robin made is so beautiful. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I can't wait to meet those two precious babies.

  8. praying for a peaceful and safe trip home!


  9. Praying hard!!!!!!! We prayed for you at church today too! Many are lifting you and your family UP!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of Bohdan! Poor Yuri - each day will get better! Praying for his comfort and yours!

  10. He might be having a bit of sensory overload. Maybe try some things like headphones to cancel out the noise, covering him with a blanket (making sure he can breathe of course), giving him something he can focus on like a movie on the iPhone, etc. Does he calm down when he is wrapped up in a blanket like a cocoon? Also remember that when he is on overload mode that he cannot handle more stimulation - try to not rub him, touch him, etc. Praying for you guys and so thankful that you are heading home with your new ones.

  11. oh dear. Well, at least it's ONLY Yuri flipping out and not both of them! I will continue praying for them and you.
    Everything will be new for a while but at least when you get home there will be more consistency--even if it's new consistency. Stay strong! We're praying!!!

  12. Lots of prayers for this transition time until you can feel comfortable and settled.

  13. praying for grace, strength, insight and peace. praying as you travel with the boys that they will not be alarmed by all of the newness, but instead be calmed by your presence.

  14. PRAYING!

    Thinkin of you almost all day,
    i haven't commented much but boy did i look forward to your posts everyday, these boys, your family are so much on my heart.
    I pray that Jesus will sooth and comfort precious Yuri and that your flights will go smooth and peacefull.
    Take heart girls, almost home!
    Adriana(dutch mama of 6 living in germany)

  15. Little Bohdan looks so sweet and happy. Hoping Yuri has an easier time on the planes. Thank you for letting us follow your journey to your boys, you bringing them home is a miracle to me.

  16. What a beautiful little boy with the best smile! Saying prayers for a good plane ride home:)