Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 5- attack of the zombies

As always, listening to music

Is that the sadest face? Poor baby, his eyes are so red from the gunk being cleaned out of them.

Me and Yuri

Robin loving on Bohdan

Bohdan playing with Robin's I pad. This kid is SO smart. She showed him a game and in seconds he was playing it on his own. He is one smart booger!!

It has been quite a roller coaster of a day. First things first though the count and then questions.

Count: Robin- 4 slips 0falls
Autumn - 4 slips 0 falls
Locals- 6 slips (it is rare to see locals slip on the ice but I guess today was extra slippery)

About the change of the birth date. We changed their birth date to make them both younger. This is going to allow Bohdan to recieve 6 months of in home therapy and will give Yuri a better chance at having one on one therapy. Where we live 3 years old is the age that they go into group therapy and I think we can all agree these littles aren't ready for that. However, ATTENTION ALL MOMMAS ADOPTING FROM THIS REGION, even though it is legal to change the birth date by 6 months in some parts of this country, it is not legal in this region. Big suprise......

The only reason they are allowing it is because the judge wrote it in his decree and he wasn't supposed to do that. None of their computers know how to process it and it has everyone in a tizzy.

The talking monkey I got at build a bear. I didn't want to carry the big bears so we got small frys and recorded my voice in the little voice recorder disc. Then they cut open the monkey, took out some stuffing, put in the disc and sewed him up. Easy as pie. I got one for each of my boys and they have been a big hit.

So today was the epitome of emotional rollercoaster. Tatianna and Valentine pick us up. Tatianna had called us and said the doctor was going to be out of orphanage tomorrow so we needed to give the donation today. I go to the money belt and I guess we spent too much the first trip because we are running low. I didn't bring enough money back with me so we are trying to figure out how to get money here with out it costing any appendages. I would REALLY appreciate any advice on how to accomplish this if you have any to share. So anyway we are driving along and we ask about the air raid siren. They don't understand so I have to make the noise. They start laughing. Valentine starts saying something. Tatianna explains it was just a test and that Valentin can just see us scared in our apartment. He doesn't speak English but he knows a few words. he is laughing and says "Russian Invados", he says something about Veitnam and laughs and mimicks us running for cover and then says "in Metro". And then he laughs and laughs. He then says, "Zombies!" and acts like a Zombie! He had us rolling!! We were laughing so hard. Robin and I thought his few choice English words were funny. Zombies!

So we get to the orphanage and visit with the boys. Tatianna comes up and says that the passports will not be ready until Monday afternoon. She says "its ok though, you get train to main city on Monday and go to Embassy on Tuesday". I then remind her about our plane tickets that we were told to buy weeks ago. She starts looking worried. Poor thing, I feel like our adoption has really stressed her out. So she gets on the phone and works her magic. We visit the orphanage doctor and give him the donation. He says that the money will be used to help the kids and that all the construction we see is funded through donations like ours. Yeah cuz those new doors are really helping the babies but I digress.

We leave and go to passport office. We walk up the most dangerous stairs I have ever been on. They were tile and very short. Did I mention everything was wet and slick today. I am pleased to announce no one fell up or down the stairs. We go up and meet with a lady who seems to be yelling at Tatianna. We are worried. She is walking around the office and is visibely upset. Oh my! Robin and I try to stay out of her way. She hands Tatianna her coat and she helps her get it on and they smile. Then Tatianna says something to her and she snaps at her 'No'. Then they both smile at us. We leave and Robin and I bust up laughing. Tatianna says "not about you, she is upset at her boss." whew!! Tatianna gets on the phone some more and I'm not at liberty to discuss how but we should be able to pick up the boys on Saturday. I have made the Embassy appointment for Monday and hopefully we can fly out on Wednesday. Thank you for all your prayers. Please keep them coming we are not out of the woods yet. Tatianna is bending over backwards for us and she is not sure what she is trying to do will work. Please pray for her also, she is working SO hard on this.


  1. Roller Coaster? No kidding!!!!
    Sending you my love and prayers. We are thinking about yall constantly!

  2. Poor Bohdi's eyes look terrible! I don't even want to know what they are doing to "clean them out" :( On another note...SATURDAY IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!!! Can't wait to see your gotcha day pics and hear all about it! Thinking of you guys!

  3. Hi! I've been reading for a while now (never commented) just wanted to say you are all in my prayers! How old are the boys? I've looked through your blog, but can't find it. Bohdan has just turned 3, right? But I have NO clue how old Yuri is!
    Here's hoping and praying you guys catch your Wednesday flight!!

  4. I remember those stairs! Except instead of wet and slick, wet got gritty, which was a whole other story :D

  5. Prayers are definitely being sent your family's way. I can't wait to see your babies at home with the rest of your family. I'm sure there will be miraculous transformations for them. Knowing the love and security of their new family will work wonders I am certain. (-:

  6. Praying for wisdom for Tatianna, for everything to work out smoothly, including your flight home with the boys.

    The boys are so cute! :) The local 6 slips got me laughing. Must be pretty slippery that day if the locals are affected! :D

  7. Praying for God's favor!
    Congrats on a fall-free day! Impressive! :D

  8. Yay for "magic"! Praying you can pick up the boys with their new snowboots on Saturday! Hang in there- the end is in sight! You have run a marathon and have every right to be feeling done, and you are ALMOST there- woo hoo!

  9. There's always Western Union. The fees aren't cheap, but they're not outrageous either.

    Can you access any of your accounts? If so, you could just ask your husband to do a transfer to the account that you *can* access. (But be sure that he withdraws cash and deposits cash. If you write a check from one account to another -- even at the same bank -- it can take time to process. Cash is instantaneous.)

    Another thought: If they'll take a check (I never asked; perhaps it's possible?) perhaps your husband can overnight a couple blank checks to wherever you're staying.

    There are also traveller's checks -- your husband could purchase some of those and overnight them to you. Those are insured against theft, so no worries in that regard. They're as good as cash, so perhaps the orphanage will accept them? If not, I'll bet you can even trade them in for cash at an exchange center or bank.

    Just a few thoughts!

  10. Yuri always looks so sad...
    It's something about his eyes/eyebrows...

    He won't have much more reason to be sad -- not for long! Congrats to everyone -- almost there!