Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 11- Great news

Daddy and Bohdan looking in a mirror playing with hands.

Oh my sweet baby Yuri!

Daddy snuggle time with Bohdan. he is such a cuddle bug. He has definitely slowed down since our first visit. he seems not to have much energy to play. :o(

The boys!

Playing "pop' the balloon with Daddy it was SO funny. I'm going to try to post a video of him laughing because it is priceless!! My heart leaps when I hear it!

Josh set yuri next to the bag of goodies and he went crazy pulling stuff out!

It was bath day today and the Nannies brought the boys to us with hats and blankets on top of their 3 layers. Yuri was not about to wear his hat! he would take it off and throw it. if it landed on the couch he would grab it and throw it on the floor.

he was super cute in his hat!

our apartment building.

the sidewalks where we walk. No wonder I have fallen 5 times!! Our driver, Valeck, calls me Mrs boom boom. fitting I guess.

I have promised Bohdan no more pink or red once we get home!

I got to meet the Angel Tree child we sponsored this year. How good is our God!! Thank you Jesus!!Her name is Sonya and she was too precious!! Her profile should be updated on RR. And I will try to post about her later.

Sonya was so precious and even came up to our boys to check them out. She was beautiful and pictures do not do her justice.

We have super awesometastic news. The vote was not voted on today and our court date has been moved to the 4th of January!! Which means we won't have to worry about the vote interupting our adoption of these sweet angels.

No lie, I went to the store today to buy an electric kettle (what I was calling a water pot). While I was looking for one, I came across a spatula which I have really been wanting here so I grabbed it and continued looking around. A customer service rep came and asked me something. I smiled and said "English?" She made a motion with her hands, took my spatula and walked off. I looked at Josh, who was laugh at the scene, and then I followed the lady. She went to a computer and started typing in a number......she then pulled up a receipt. I thought she wanted me to pay so I ran and grabbed the electric kettle. she then did the same thing for it and gave both items to this guy who was opening the boxes and going through them. She then took me and the receipts to a cashier. I waited in line and them paid the cashier. She looked up the items from the receipt and signed the receipt and gave me another receipt. So at this time I have 4 pieces of paper two for each item. I go back to the guy opening the packages in the middle of the store and the sales clerk meets me there and takes my receipts and signs them. Then she goes and get a manager who doesn't have a pen on him and has to look for a pen. then he checks the items number, just as all the others, and signs and stamps the receipts, all four of them. Did I mention i have spent maybe $15 dollars. Then I get my items and try to leave, but my 'receipts' have to be checked by the guard at the door. She has to line up the product numbers and then sign the receipts and stamp the receipts she gives back to me. So after 4 signatures and 3 stamps I was allowed to leave with two receipts and two products. Talk about stalling consumerism.


  1. oh my- that little girl is beautiful! what is her name?

  2. Thank you jessie for noticing I hadn't posted Sonya's name. Oops! She is listed on RR under as Sonya (3). She will be such a blessing to any family willing to take the leap of faith.

  3. I just wanted to let you know I keep you and the boys in my prayers for a safe trip home.It's so wonderful what you are doing.I also plan to buy some raffle tickets for the quilt after the holidays have settled.Merry Christmas and Warmest Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh Autumn!!!! I am SO happy to hear about the vote (or lack thereof) and the court date!!!! What a great Christmas present!!!! AND...since Jan. 4 is my birthday, I'll consider that a great birthday present as well. :) SO happy for your family.

  5. What precious little ones. Prayers for all of you. hope you have a great Christmas.

  6. I love reading your blog and seeing the boys relishing your hugs and games. I first saw Yuri on the "No Greater Joy Mom" blog, and thought he was so handsome! I'm happy to see that the vote will not affect your adoption, Praise God!

  7. Awww!! Look at that sweeet Sonya!! I just can't get enough of your adorable boys too! And YAAAAAY! for the vote not being a factor in your adoption, I was soo worried and praying and praying. Praise God!!

  8. Praise the LORD!!! We'll continue to pray pray pray for you and the boys!

  9. Just wanted to post a quick note, since I follow, but I don't think I've commented. Merry Christmas to your family. Your boys are beyond precious!
    Those new pictures of Sonya may just save that little girls life, she looks like a different child!! Much more "awake"

  10. All of these littles are beautiful, but oh, your Bohdan steals my heart (does he have red hair? I need one just like him!). I've been praying for you since I saw you on Adeye's blog this summer...

    How God works is amazing and beautiful and wonderful...seeing you with your littles just makes me want to cry out of joy. :)

  11. All the red tape to buy a kettle and spatula...imagine an adoption or something!!!! Haha! They better be nice!

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!