Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 18 -Barbra Striesand (Sp?)

Look at this sweet boy! He had another bad day today. I ended up rocking him for a lot of the time and that wasn't working well. Everytime a nurse would walk by he would smile and make noise thinking she ws coming to get him. Oh this is hard not being able to give him what he wants. Which was peace (they we hammering on the balcony right next to us) and food. I'm still looking for where to get the hard nipples for the bottles. Anyone have any ideas?

This little guy on the other hand had a great day. Can't you tell?
Every once in a while he seems to be coming out of his shell and today was one of those days. Oh the faces he made and the fun we had!

Working on therapy a little. Yuri would not let anyone touch him, including his brother! He kept swiping all our hands away. It was cute to watch if they would both grab the same toy and then it was tug of war.

I get some of the best smiles if I try to touch his nose, face, cheek, etc. He will even give me a giggle or two.

Oh I can't wait to get these sweeties home. I know they will blossom!
Bohdan even babbled at me and we blew alot of rasberries. Daddy was the best followed closely by Bohdan. They jsut kept going back and forth. Bohdan didn't exactly know what to make of Josh mimicking him.

So I have been meaning to tell you about one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Ok first to explain, when listening to the radio here if there is an instrumental part of a song the radio announcer will come on and say "Mix 97.1" or if it is a short break in lyrics just the numbers "97.1". It has caught me off guard everytime it happens just cuz I'm not used to it but........ The other day driving back from the orphanage we were listening to a different station than normal. It was not her singing which makes this all the more funny. Any time there was any sort of break in the lyrics the announcer would come on in a deep strong voice with a thick accent and say "Barbra Striesand" and the the song would continue. He must have said her name 10 times or more. Each time it got funnier and funnier. After that song was over I didn't hear her name again so I have no idea!! Just for comic relief I guess.


  1. So much not being said as I read your post. Praying for sweet Yuri. I long for the day when he will be captive no longer. Praying for you as you patiently wait. In HIS time.... We experienced HIS time this week as our Lost Boys were 'found.' - God is Good. In all our weary wondering...

  2. Was it this? :)

    Beautiful boys by the way!

  3. Barbara Streisand! Too funny! Poor Yuri, he still looks adorable though and that Bohdan is just too cute for words!

  4. Some NICU nipples are really hard plastic. Maybe those would work. I cant wait until you can bring them home too.

    Be blessed


  5. LOL Too funny!! I think when you can be his sole "provider" that he will come around. Right now you are just to ones that take him away from what he knows/wants/needs. He'll figure it out soon. Praying for all of you as the adjustment continues!! HUGS!

  6. Oh sweet, sweet Yuri...hang tight sweatheart! Your life will NEVER be the same again. Ever! I can hardly wait for that day. Angel boy.

  7. I am loving every single one of your posts! Your boys are looking better and better every time you post. I am seeing improvement already! I love Bohdan's smile and Yuri's personality is shining through in the pictures. Oh how I tear up to see them happy and loved!! Praise God for working every detail of this adoption out according to His good and perfect will! I liked the radio story : )