Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 17- sleepy Christmas Party

So when we got to the orphange today there was a Christmas pagent going on. We got to see some of it. They even invited me to sit and take pictures. All the kids were dressed or had on funny hats. Some of the older kids had speaking parts and there was alot of singing and merriment. If you look close at this picture the little fellow in the yellow cone hat is Aaron being adopted with Julia, from my boys room, by my friend Carey. He had a speaking part and did just fabulous! Everyone clapped afterword and he was very proud! Too neat, I'm so happy to have been able to been a part of this. There was also a camera crew there taking video and after ward they interviewed two of the kiddos in the pagent. Problem was we were running late this morning and wouldn't you know I didn't put on my makeup. No big deal right? Well when they brought out Bohdan I was loving and kissing on him and the guy took a video of us. No big deal it just had to be the day I wasn't made up. Oi! What are you gonna do? Lol!

Daddy and Yuri's favorite pastime if you couldn't tell from all the pictures. When the pagent was over father Christmas went around with a bag of stuffed animals and gave them to all the children who didn't go to the pagent. They gave Bohdan and Yuri two a piece. That is what Josh is holding here in this pic.

I was trying to stay out of the picture but look at Bohdan's face! I love it!!!

His little suit rode up his leg and I caught a picture. My baby is SO stickin' little and cute!

Josh and I didn't rest well last night and were tired at this mornings visit which was fine cuz so were the boys. Poor babies. Yuri actually fell asleep on Josh a few times. Bohdan snuggled with me for a while and then got wiggly. I kept asking him when he had become the wiggle worm its usuallu Yuri! He is so funny, some things are allowed on the couch and some aren't. I would pile things there next to us and he would go through them and throw them on the floor. If the toy he threw didn't make it off the couch he would try hard to make sure it made it to the floor. Some toys such as the stuffed animals were allowed to stay. So cute!!

Ok so here is a major pray request. I know you are all praying your guts out for us so I don't feel bad asking...... we were working on booking our return home and of course ran into problems. We can fly to where Asher and Caius are on the 5th but we are having a hard time getting from region back to the main city where the airport is. The train that we used to get us here won't get in until an hour after the flight leaves. So we asked for a change of flights and the only thing leaving that same day gives us a night layover in Germany and then we don't get to them until the 6th and this flight is much more expensive. We asked about flying out on the 6th and that would only get us home on the night of the 6th and we would have to figure out how to get from there to my Grandparents house where Asher, Caius and our car is. Which would mean another $250 flight. SO.... What to do? We have been trying to figure it out. I asked our facilitator what our options are and she said that there is bus leaving at 5pm (our court is at 3pm yikes!) and gets to the city at 11:45pm. Did I mention our flight would leave at 5:30am? ok so where does the prayer request come in you ask? Well, our facilitator called the judge tonight (!?) and told him our situation and he promised not to hold us up in court. This poor guy! He must hate us by now. With us begging for a sooner court date, and him coming back early from his vacation for us, and now this. Oi!!! I hope and pray none of this affects his decision. My comforts lies in the fact that we serve and AWESOME God and if He wants us to adopt these precious babies then He will allow it to happen no matter how much we annoy the judge. Please pray with us friends, there is power in prayer!!
Update on Rowan: he was feeling better today and they identified the infection and think it might have colonized somewhere in his body so they are going to try to do some kind of scan to figure out where it is.
Oh my heart!! I will tell you when I was the center of my universe life was so much easier! My heart didn't break so often and I was more comfortable for sure. And I definetly never had to stay away from two of lovies for so long! Ok so there was this guy at the metro tonight. He was just standing there hunched over not begging. We walked past and I told Josh about him and asked for money to go give to him. (yes Tom big surprise :o)) I took it back to him and he was facing the wall and I had to get his attention to give it to him and he looked up at me..... He was a young boy, maybe 16 years old. He had his hands in his jacket, you could tell he was cold, and he brought his hand out of the neck of his jacket to take the money. As I walked away I looked back... he took the money and put it up to his face trying to tell what it was. I don't think he could see it.... Oh my heart broke into a million pieces. How do I just leave him? Oi!! What to do? We went and bought him a very thick wool sweater and Josh gave him his gloves and some more money. He shoved the gloves into his jacket and it took a while for him to get his arm out of his jacket, through the sleeve this time, and his hand was so dirty. I felt so helpless. Not speaking the language there was little more I could do. Please pray for this little lost boy who my heart still aches for. I continue to agonize over him. I wish I knew what programs were available in this country to help the homeless......


  1. You have such a good heart, Autumn, you too, Tom. Praying for your flight to work out just as you need it to. Take care.

  2. Praying for you all. Loved seeing the picture of Aaron in the hat. Sweet boy. Loving all the updates.

  3. Pheonix, that is the song!! Weird right?

  4. love the updates and the sweet boys, love and hugs from New Zealand.
    Rachael Hughes is from here in New Zealand, and this is our way to help just a few of the homeless children - i know its not in the same region as you are, but some of these children have a little light at the end of the tunnel.