Saturday, December 18, 2010

Star date 6 - 181210 Drop the ball!

Bohdan and Daddy self portrait at am visit.

Loving on my baby!

Josh playing drop the ball with his boys. I'm so happy we found these balls they are a God send. Thank you Grandma Pat!! Their great Granma bought them for the boys. These babies are loved by so so many people they have never met.

I just love this picture.

I love this this baby!!

Untieing (sp?) our booties. Look at Yuri's smile!

Tickle monster!! Have you ever seen anything as precious as his smile!!! We have all waited a long time to this picture right?

Bohdan in the middle of drop the ball with Daddy. You see how fun it is!

Bohdan and Daddy self portrait at the evening.

Yuri walking with Daddy.

Drop the balls with Momma.

Yuri's legs are strong and he loves to stand.

As Adeye said, he is angelic!!

Josh playing music for Yuri.

Yuri loved the music.

We visited the orphange twice today, which means we got to spend 4 hours with our boys. Thank you Jesus! Holding them is such an answer to prayer. We really DO serve an awesome God! To think we hadn't even met the boys two days ago and now my arms remember how they feel. Awesome!
We were in the turtle room today. The smell was more interesting during the morning visit but ok during the evening after the animals were changed and fed. There is a conure, 4 parakeets, 2 rabbits, 1 rat, 1 turtle, and some hamsters or something of the like. Bohdan loved to sit and watch the turtle. A parakett was out at our night visit and kept dive bombing us as he flew by. The boys didn't seem to notice probably cuz it would only hit me and Josh's head as it went by. Whether we were in its way or not. LOL!
Bohdan was very playful and laughed a lot during our first visit. Both of the boys favorite game was 'drop the ball'. We brought some balls from home that are easy to hold. They would grab the balls and throw them or drop them and we would make a big fuss and say 'YEA!!' and they would laugh and laugh. It was so good to see Yuri smile and laugh. Bohdan is such a cuddle bug. He looks around the room right when he gets there, its a big change from the room he has always been in, but then he just cuddles and plays. He is such a blessing!
He wasn't feeling great at our last visit though and mostly just sat, cuddled and played with Mommy's necklace. He was very tired but wouldn't go to sleep. Since we were just sitting there I took out my phone and let him play on it. I did this because he wanted so badly to play with the camera but it wouldn't DO anything! He is very smart. He would watch me move things on the screen and then he would do it himself. He is such a sweetie!!
Poor little Yuri takes a bit longer to calm down and play. The evening visit went much better. I think he is getting more used to us. He laughed and laughed and laughed while playing drop the ball. After that got old, we would play with the large stacking rings which he thought was fun. He would take the rings off and let them fall. Super fun!! He can walk with assistance but he can't sit up or crawl. We are gonna have to work on his stomach muscles.
He is all boy and loves to make messes and hates to have his nose wiped. He is constantly moving and will rule the world one day!
We had a break through with my sweet little Yuri tonight. Josh was playing some music for the boys on his phone and Yuri put his head down on it. He popped up like WOW!! He then would take Josh's hand with the phone in it and pull it to his ear. He sat for over 30 minutes in Josh's lap listening to the music. He would switch ears and sometimes put it on his forehead to see if he could hear it that way. I think he might have some hearing loss and we will definitley have that checked when we get home. It was just good to see him calm comfortable and content. He is so wonderful!! I love my boys!!!
God has richely blessed us! Thank you for all your comments and prayers! It is a hard road here but it is comforting to know you all are praying and thinking about us.
Love to you all,


  1. I would LOVE to see some more pictures of your precious boys. Bohdan holds a huge part of our hearts. We were the family who got RR the onfo on Sergey (Aaron) and would love to follow your travels to bring them home. I do hope you get to meet Sergey:)
    Could you e-mail me at and I would love to find you on FB.
    Praying for you and your boys!

  2. I am soooo happy you have those boys! You have inspired me to try harder to adopt! Could I please join you on facebook? My e-mail is

    Praying for you and God Bless!


  3. I am so happy you have your boys! I would love to join you on facebook. My e-mail is

    Sending prayers and God Bless!


  4. They´ve got such incredibly precious smiles and Yuri looks so sweet when he´ssmiling and laughing.He´s definitely a smart cookie, putting the music to his forhead to check whether he can hear that way or not is a smart move. These boys are so precious and adorable.

  5. Thanking Jesus and praying for your strength and endurance every day.

    karen shervheim :)

  6. I am OVERJOYED seeing pictures of you, Josh and the boys and reading each blog entry 3 or 4 times! They are such amazing little boys! I can hardly wait for them to get home! We'll keep praying for you guys! We love you guys!

  7. Oh my heart :)

    I can't stop looking at their sweet little faces.

    Dang! I can just tell that I am going to HAVE to make a trip across country when you are home.

  8. God bless you and praying for the boys. You are blessed---they are blessed. I want them home with you to be loved, to grow, to feel all that a family has to offer.

  9. I have been following Yuri and Bohdan's journey since I saw Adeye's post back in the summer. Know that seeing your boys in your arms brings so much joy to my heart. I will continue to pray for your growing family! I would love to see more pics on email is!

    God bless,
    Courtney from Oklahoma

  10. Praise the Lord for smiles and snuggles!! God has blessed you with two beautiful little angels! Praying for you every day while you are there for strength and comfort.

  11. Looks like they are making wonderful progress!! I cried tears of joy seeing Yuri stand up and listen to music! Bohdan is a doll and I love seeing him laugh : ) What a blessing it is for our family to witness these two boys becoming a part of your family! Thank you for showing us how it's done...we are considering adopting through RR for our 2nd adoption. Thank you for allowing us to learn from you! To God be all the glory!