Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 15- sick

Well I got sick this morning and didn't visit with the boys. I would hate to get them sick. I think I have caught this thing early and I'm already feeling better. Josh went without me and played with Yuri. He said this was the worst day he has seen Yuri have. Josh tried to go get Bohdan in the middle of the visit but there weren't any nannies to be found. He said Yuri was miserable and wanted to go back to his room. We keep telling him that we are his safe place, we are your Momma and Daddy but I know it will take time. Three and a half years is a long time to spend in one room.

I slipped in the shower the other day and grabbed onto the hand bar in the shower that promptly came out of the wall. The tub is very high and deep so needless to say I flew backwards out of the tub with my back landing on the toilet. All I can say is 'Ow!' So I'm hoping my back will quit hurting soon. I'm definetely looking forward to visiting my chiropractor when I get home.

Now for a real prayer request. There is a little dude named Rowan who lives in our town back home. He was and still is Chrissie's buddy. He has spent more time in the hospital than at home. He is such a trooper. He wasn't in the hospital this Christmas so he took gifts and visited the kiddos that were! How sweet! Anyhow, the day after Christmas he was admitted again with a serious infection. He is very tired and losing his strength. Please pray for him and his Momma. Oh my heart hurts for them.

blessings to you all and hopefully I will be able to visit tomorrow and get more pictures.


  1. Aww, Autumn, I hope you feel better soon!! Part of Yuri's problem might have been you not being there. I had "troubles" with Timothy after John left. He was done with me after snack for those first few days. The change was odd, he'd been there for 2 weeks 2 tims a day then boom, he was gone. Hang in there... We're praying for you all!! HUGS!!

  2. Autumn,

    So sorry to hear you not feeling well and that you had a fall. I will be praying for a quick recovery from both. Hopefully, you will be feeling well tomorrow and you can get to see the boys. I know today's visit must have been hard on Josh. Thinking about both of you and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

  3. Autumn! I pray you get to feeling better. We're thinking about you guys all the time out here. We'll continue to pray for you, Josh, all the boys and Rowan!

  4. Lifting you up in prayer that you feel better soon. I am really enjoying the book you sent me, thank you.

  5. Oh my goodness, friend, I am so sorry you are feeling nasty. No fun at all in a faraway land. Get well soon and take good care of yourself.

    Sorry to hear that sweet Yuri also had a hard day. Soon this will all be very distant memory. Hang in there and know that many are praying.

    Sending you a HUGE hug.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall, praying for full healing quickly. Praying also that Yuri will finally understand with joy the new life he will have with you and Josh, it probably will take some time, espeically arriving home and settling into a routine. Praying also that you and Josh to have abundant understanding and peace throughout this transition.