Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 7 - Adventures in Cooking

Since I didn't get any comments on my star trek titles I have gone back to normal but will think of something new. We didn't go to the orphanage today so Josh and I had the day to explore the city. Yesterday was sunny and warmer than it has been. We were hoping for the same but no such luck. It was raining and cold. But that did not stop us, went ventured out anyway. We even had a plan and a hand written map in the native language made by us. But when we got to the metro station we realized our map was worthless cuz we couldn't find anything that was on it so we just winged it. After 2 hours of wandering around at the first stop the Metro came to, we found a coffee shop with fast WiFi, English speaking staff and good coffee. It was a great find. We were soaking wet but we found it! I would also like to report that neither of us fell today while walking on the ice covered sidewalks. We came close but consider it a triumph to never have hit the deck!

So the day we got here we went to the grocery and bought enough food to hold us over for at least a week.... or so we thought. As we shopped we had visions of granduer.... spaghetti, chili, stew, chicken, burritos, and anything else we could come up with. Well... The noodles for the spagehetti was not what we were used to and came out gooey. The sauce which we bought by picking out pictures since we can't read the labels ended up tasting like sloppy joes. The ground beef was great so we picked that out and ate it. We had some meat left over so we made burritos for breakfast. I realized chili was out of the question since I obviously can't buy the correct 'ketchup'. So I told Josh to grab the pinto beans and put them in the burritos. Well... the pinto beans turned out to be beanie weanies without the weanies. Needless to say they didn't make it into the burritos. The tortillas were different than we were used to so when we microwaved them to heat them up they became brittle and fell apart. :o( We still ate them though. I did make some fabulous Chicken Stew and tonight we made chopped steak with a mushroom cream gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. Can I just say, even though I was the cook, YUM!! We tried to make bacon this morning but it was super salty. We just mixed it with our unsalted scrambled eggs and it worked.

We are learning that what you think you buy is not always the case and that you have to be open to new on the fly recipes! We are having a blast at the grocery store and cooking here.

We get to visit our lovies tomorrow. I can't wait to hold and kiss those little boogers. After ward we are going to sign some documents and hopefully, Lord willing, get a court date. Keep those prayers coming! Later.


  1. I've never watched star trek, so I missed out on the titles, but I love hearing about your food adventures. As always, I'm praying for you!

  2. I loved the adventure of shopping and cooking there! hehe

  3. So this isn't a good time to tell you that I ate green chile & cream cheese tamales and thought of you?

  4. We continue to pray for you - your family at home -your new additions - a court date - and the 10 day waiting period waived! Your post has me a little concerned! I am a picky eater... I think you need to write down a grocery list of Do's and Don'ts - so we won't make the same mistakes! I have a feeling we'll drop a few lbs there! Is there such a thing as peanut butter & jelly? I hope so! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow - and I pray you get a glimps of Nikita & Alexei (Dusty) & Serge & Julia! Our POAs and CSPs should be arriving in Ukraine tomorrow!

  5. yup--the food REALLY is a challenge. I lived on white chocolate (the best I have ever had) for almost 7 weeks :) Then I had to buy a whole new closet of clothes when I got home :)

    Give your hunnies big hugs from all of us who love them heaps.