Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 12- Oh happy day.

Not sure if I posted this pic yet but is is SO sweet!

And my favorite of Bohdan to date!! Oh my!!

Josh giving Yuri his bottle.

Snuggling with my honey pie.

"I know how to do this!"

Tickle! i love his smile!

My babies! Look at little Bohdan his eyes are closed.

Well Bohdan has been in pink so long you start to wonder what is really down there. Well Josh is happy to announce that he passed by during a diaper change and it is confirmed he is all boy!! LOL. He is such a cutie! I asked about getting to watch them eat today so we can get prepared. Both are on a bottle with a large hole cut in the middle. Yuri was having a fussy day and didn't care for his bottle. Josh spent some time with him and got him to take it.

Bohdan, on the other hand, finished both of his in record time. I actually tried to slow him down a little he was drinking it so fast. Both of them know how to work the bottle!

I got some addresses from some of the Nannies so I can keep in touch with them about the boys progress. They said that they would love this and that it is hard for them to keep the babies from such a young age and then not know what happens to them. One nanny in particular who I just met today said that she kept Yuri when he was tiny and first came to the orphanage. She was excited to stay in touch.

It was really neat, the Nannies asked if it was true that in America there are actors who have Downs syndrome. I said yes and many have jobs and live on their on there own. I told them that I fully expect that from of all my children! I think it was good to get to share my high expectations for the boys. I love them either way but it has been my experience that most people special needs or not will give you what you expect.


  1. What a beautiful update.

    Hey, what happened to Valentin?

    Aaahhhhhh....your hunnies. I am so in love (as you know). The pics you post just melt my heart, friend. I am so glad that you got to see them eat. Do they not give them any solid food at all?

    I know it must be so hard to be there and not here for Christmas. You must feel so torn. Know that we are praying for your hearts, trusting that the Father would hold you tight (and make the days fly by).

    Sending you my love and hugs.

  2. Great pictures! So happy for you all...Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh Autumn, I love these pictures!

    Hey, if you can see if you can get some bottles and nipples, or at least nipples to take with you. We did not have feeding issues with our girls but I have known lots of families who adopt bottle feeders and they struggle with feeding their children later with American bottles. Also, see if you can get specifics on what exactly the boys are eating that might help too. My guess it has some kind of beef broth in it - I remember someone at the orphanage saying what a huge deal it was that the children get beef broth. Hopefully, at some point you can have someone help you translate those requests.

    You probably knew all that, huh?

    Hope you are having a special first Christmas with your sweet boys!

    karen shervheim :)

  4. Merry Christmas, you have a beautiful family!

  5. So happy to hear that you are able to connect with the staff. I truly believe that's what changes are made of! :)

    Please keep posting pics of your beautiful boys. Love seeing them.

    And needless to say, I'm overjoyed to hear you met Sonya, and that she is active and curious. Such good news, and a beautiful new picture too. Thank you!