Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 14- Cute Pictures!!!!!

Another picture of sweet Sonya. She is listed on Reece's Rainbow under Sonya (3). She is so sweet and smart. I hope and pray she finds a family soon!! Caleb got to play with her a little and fell in love. He got a picture of her smiling. I hope I can share it with you soon.

This sweetheart is listed as Shawna (3) on Reece's Rainbow. She is amazing! She saw me and posed for the camera. She made faces and laughed and laughed. Oi!! She needs a family too! Both of theses baby girls are going to be transferred soon. Please help spread the word to find them a family. They both will be a such blessings to their families!!

Ok I know you all think that you have the most beautiful children EVER! but I hate to break this to you. I do! All four of my babies are gorgeous! I didn't get good pics at our last visit so I will give you pictures that my sweet Uncle took at Christmas. Oh how I miss my other babies.

Caius playing peekaboo with Aunt Kat. Can't you tell these two adore each other!

Asher max posing for the camera!

Asher showing Uncle Woody a toy he got.

Caius showing Uncle Woody his cool hands moves!

Needless to say it has been a very hard Christmas being away from my boys. We got to visit Yuri and Bohdan on Christmas morning but they were out of sorts and wanted to go back to their room. I was able to connect to two more Nannies and got their addresses. They are very sweet to us and gave us a bag to leave our toys with the boys so they can play with them while we are gone. A very sweet gesture.

Anyway what I was saying is that despite this being a hard Christmas we weren't alone. We spent Christmas eve with two of our new friends, Tom and Caleb, adopting Julia. I cooked them some American cuisine which we were all happy to eat. I made some mushroom cream gravy over chopped steaks (hamburger patties) with mashed potatoes and corn. I say 'I', I should say we. Josh cooked just as much as I did. he is a wonderful hubby.

After visiting the boys on Christmas morning we went back to our hang out, the coffee shop, and the staff there bought us some beverages as our Christmas gift. They are very sweet and we are enjoying our time with them. We are trying to figure out something to do for them, a staff of 9, we don't have any ideas yet. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

The manager, Marina, made us some homemade soup and it was AMAZING!! Very good! She has promised us more and invited us to dinner at her apartment. How blessed are we! All the way across the world God blesses us with friends. Then the highlight of our Christmas was watching our boys wake up to Santa Clause gifts. At first Asher wasn't touching anything and just giggling then he dove in. The big hit was his train set. My boys are being completely spoiled by my family and Josh and I have decided we are going to have to get a bigger house just to hold all the toys from this Christmas!! I also got to talk to my Mom for a while and that was very nice. We also got to talk with Josh's family and it was so great to hear everyone's voices.

This morning we went over to see Tom, Caleb and Julia. They had their Gotcha Day on Christmas. i got to hold, cuddle, kiss, and play with that sweetie pie. She is stinkin' cute!! I'm so happy we got to spend time with them today. i wish them a safe and uneventful trip home!

I ventured back to the store with a million signatures and tried to buy another kettle and two power strips. I grabbed the kettle and went for the power strip. I asked the lady in Russian if she spoke English. She answered me but in Russian so we mimed a while and then she spoke broken English to me. I got the power cords but she couldn't ring up the kettle. So i did the song and dance with her but she kept wanting me to leave and have the tickets signed by the door guard. i kept saying I need to go pay for this. So she took me to the cashier. Anyway after six receipts umpteen signatures and stamps galore I got out alive. I hope I don't need to buy anything else from there. Our driver, Edward, speaks English well and we asked him about it. He said that is not normal at all. He got a good laugh out of the story. Believe me I would go to a different store but I don't know where else sells that stuff.

Things I have noticed:

You have to pay for everything here. The people are getting ripped off.
You have to pay for bags at the grocery stores. Some grocery stores make you pay for a cart. They have little coin slots on the handles that you enter money into to release the cart from the line. You have to pay for Ketchup packets at Mc Donalds. (yes I lowered my self to eat there. I couldn't finish but I had to take one for the team. Josh wanted some flavor unfortunately he was disappointed.)

I know some of you are wondering about the Turkish toilets and I am happy to tell you I have experienced two. I have actually been using the restrooms out in public places and have been happy with their cleanliness. Turkish toilets are interesting but no big deal.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! please hug and kiss your little one for those of us who can't. God bless you all!!


  1. Hi Autumn,
    This post is just beautiful. Loved seeing pictures of more of the children from #3 and pictures of your handsome boys. I'm glad you got to see Julia, Tom and Caleb before they left. You and Josh have been such a blessing to them. I'm almost in tears sitting here wanting to go back and snatch up Sonya and Shawna. I wish with all my heart that we could. Since we probably won't be able to, thank you for advocating for the girls. I will do the same on our blog once Caleb is home and we have more pictures. Merry Christmas. We will be praying for the rest of your trip to go smoothly.

  2. okay okay so I have to agree...your boys sure are gorgeous! I am so sorry you are away from home at special time. I was there for Easter--it was so hard. I know that you know that it will all be so worth it...soon!

    How wonderful that you have made such sweet friends. Isn't God just so amazing like that?

    Hang tight, friend. The days are ticking by :)

  3. First of all, Yuri and Bohdan are so lucky to get two great brothers! How charming boys! I understand how bad it must be to spend Christmas away from your little ones- but there are just a few days left now...

    I was sure surprised by Shawna's photo! Such a charmer- I hope this pic is posted on the RR site as well, it's a completely different girl. Again a hearty thank you for helping these girls. There must be a family for them somewhere!

    Looking forward to your next post, it's so nice to read about your boys (and adventures with kettles, toilets and the whole works!).

  4. Oh Autumn, thank you for the photos! They are all beautiful. I hope the girls families find them soon! Merry Christmas to you & all of your sweeties!

    By the way... I never even SAW a Turkish Toilet while I was there! hehe

  5. Those babies are just too adorable! We were thinking of you all on Christmas... We can't wait for you all to be home! I am so happy that you made some friends :-) I had no doubts that you would!
    Merry Christmas Friends!