Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 2- shoes, cars and cold!

Well as you can probably guess it is STINKIN' COLD!! Which makes the next part of my story all the more amazing.

So my cousin, Miss World Traveler (seriously she has a sash and everything J/K), told me that you can always spot Americans by their tennis shoes and that if we don't want to stick out, that we should buy shoes when we get in country. Ok no worries. Right? So we go out exploring today. Josh in his attempt to fit in didn't wear his beanie and wore his black dress shoes. I threw caution to the wind and went out with my tenny's and my beanie (gasp!). We meandered around and observed the locals. What I have gathered is that I am an absolute WEANIE!!

The women here are serioulsy georgous! and not just 'hey she had a nice face'. No I mean gorgeous all over and dressed to the Nines! I'm dying of frost bite and these women are walking passed me in miniskirts, stilehettos, furs, full makeup and its only 11am. I can't imagine what they would wear for a night out on the town.

Now I have been know during small periods of my life to be somewhat of a looker but gosh! No one would ever know it here under my abominable snowman outfit. The most that could be said as I walk by is "I think there was a person in those clothes." So will I be buying shoes to 'fit in'? ummm... NO! I might buy some boots cuz they are cheap but I guarantee they will not be stilhettos. My poor poor hubby!

Moving on.... a strange thing here is that people park on the sidewalk and to get there they drive on the sidewalk. I'm walking with my friend Patty tonight and she grabs my arm and pulls me aside as a car drives right past me. I wasn't even looking for cars I'm on a sidewalk. Really? I mean I'm prepared to play frogger when crossing the street but on the sidewalk? Always an adventure.

We skyped with our boys back home and they are doing ridiculously well. Having a blast with a lot of laughing and playing. Thank you Jesus.

I have a prayer request. Please pray for divine intervention in our adoption so that it will be expidited and the 10 day waiting period waived. We have heard of families having to stay longer than normal due to the end of the year. I know it never happens and that this is a hard country but blah, blah, blah our God is bigger. Please pray with us.

I shall leave you with pictures. I don't pretend that you all come here for only my writing you come for pictures and hopefully in less than a week it will be pics that we all have been waiting a very long time for. Pics of my baby boys!!

Across from the town square.

Our room. Nice right?

Our stove and kitchen

town square

Dinner with Tom and Patty who just adopted Julia from our boy's same orphanage.

Josh entering our apartment building. Hard to believe such a nice apartment is on the other side of that door. huh?

The outside of our apartment. We are the top enclosed balcony which is really nice to have.

Staircase right outside our door.

Josh standing in the doorway of the elevator to give you an idea of the size.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh man that IS a small elevator! I wasn't picturing THAT small! :) Can't wait until you get to the boys and so glad your other boys are doing great!!

  2. Wow! Thank goodness Josh isn't any taller (or wider!) Great picture, nice to "see" you guys! It will be nicer to see those baby boys though! No offense to you of course ;o)

  3. Great Post - Thank you!! We will be there Monday so this is so helpful!!! Enjoy and I can NOT wait to see the pics of your boys!!!!

  4. Yayeeeee, friend, what a joy it was to catch up and see what you've been up to. I laughed about your observation about the the Ukrainian ladies. They make every American woman feel like we need Extreme Makeover! Funny.

    Oh I just cannot wait to see your boys. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. So amazing. So God.

  5. I'm so incredibly excited for you! I really can't believe how quickly it has all come together and can't wait to see the pictures of your boys. I'm praying for you all.

  6. Love hearing (and seeing) how everything is going for you guys! I'm so excited and cannot WAIT to see the pics we've ALL been waiting for!

    On a lighter note. I've heard all about how the women in Europe dress and I imagine that they walk around looking like supermodel/movie stars. But I know you personally and I can say (in all honesty): They couldn't possibly hold a candle to YOU! You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out!

  7. According to the world traveler, me, you guys are staying in a nice place. Trust me when I went to eastern Europe it was not near that nice. But, that was more than a decade ago. Seriously, buy one pair of shoes there and attempt to blend.

  8. We love the pictures of your apartment. :) We stayed there too, just last week! I spent many hours in the comfy chair in the bedroom watching funky music videos on TV. The elevator wasn't working right so we used the stairs instead. lol. We loved how huge the market is across the street. :)