Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 9- a revelation

SO kissable!!

Making fish faces!

He is so cute when he makes faces. Ok... all the time he is adorable!

Precious Yuri cuddling with daddy and listening to music.

Josh was gently touching him with a washcloth and Bohdan ate it up. He laughed and laughed.

Yuri was much more comfortable today. Each day we are seeing so much progress with both of the boys and we treasure every minute we are with them.

See how comy he looks just sitting? What a sweet heart! They both are taking to this lovin' thing quite well!

One of Yuri's favorite songs to listen to, which I think is quite appropriate, is........ I realize now I don't know the title but here are some of the lyrics.

"but the voice of truth tells me a different story, the voice of truth says do not be afraid. The voice of truth says this is for My glory. Out of all the voices calling out to me. I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth." As he was cuddling in Daddy's lap, listening to this, God used these words to speak to me. In our small group the question came up, "Why did God allow things (reading Genesis and Exodus) to happen?" While reading the book 'Radical' by David Platt we found the answer. We were made for His glory! All this is for His glory!

I now realize there is something worse than waiting longer, I've been begging for a speedy court but never took into to account the lost souls encountered along the way. Isn't that just as or more important than a quick court or waiting an extra 10 days, or any amount of money that we might lose by missing work. I admit anger and fear have been blinding me to the real needs here. If the good news could be spread wouldn't that in turn fix the rest of the situation? I don't know if we are the ones to do this, I could barely order a pizza today, but who knows what God has planned.
Please continue to pray and add to your prayer list everyone involved with my boys and their adoption that they would hear the good news and how much Jesus loves them!! To God be all the glory and ONLY He and His love can change hearts and minds.


  1. amen, amen, AMEN! I will pray for this too!

    So glad to hear that Bohdan and Yuri are enjoying being with you and Josh :)

  2. Will pray for you. Boys are adorable!

  3. I firmly believe that God allows this to be HARD so that we become a VOICE for all the children across Eastern Europe and Asia who have been lost and forgotten for way too long. If you were able to just whisk in there and whisk out.. if we had been able to whisk in and whisk out with Aaron - then few people would have been exposed to the vast need. The church would NOT be called into action. He has chosen you to be HIS VOICE for those kids. So yell. Loudly. Gently. With Grace. Yell. And by your acts and actions - convey to the workers there that these children are loved, wanted, precious and valuable. Hang in there. We are covering you with prayers of peace, joy in the midst of sorrow, grace and endurance. Praying too for the vote. I can attest that God is moving. I can attest that He uses these valleys to bring His plan into being. The wonder and awe of being part of that plan. Just consider. Those boys - your family - being used to advance His kingdom!! JOY UNSPEAKABLE...

  4. So true, thanks for the reminder. We teach our kids the catechisms (we are not Lutheran but are Baptist)any way one of the first questions is why did God create us...To glorify Him! Looking forward to reading Radical! God is using you over there, I am sure the caregivers are wondering where this love comes from for these little boys...it is God!

  5. You don't need to post this on your blog :) I just read your family blog and am crying seeing the picture of your youngest when he had heart surgery. We actually have requested a referral of a little boy under 3 who has transposition of the arteries. We found out yesterday he had his 3rd surgery, I was very sad I couldn't be there and we didn't know. I really enjoyed reading your blog thank you. You guys are amazing. You look up to Adeye and I look up to you to :) People living out their faith thankyou.

  6. Autumn, that song got me through some very difficult days while I was in region to bring Timothy home! How appropriate that it would be a fave of Yuri's! Praying for grace & the blessing of your hearts while you wait!!

  7. My husband and I are doing a massive giveaway/fundraiser on my blog right now, to help bring two little girls, Olga and Kareen from RR, home. We won't be the ones to do this- we don't qualify- but we are praying someone claims "our" girls quickly.
    I am praying for someone just like you to do this.
    Please know, YOU are the true heroes.
    We are praying for you.

  8. I agree with Patti. You are the true heroes! You dare to do what most of us don't.

    So please sit back, relax, and enjoy your oh-so-sweet boys. We are praying!

  9. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow your journey. We love the pictures and are rejoicing with you over every milestone. We are so happy for these boys and for your family! They are precious! I loved reading your thoughts about everything being for God's glory and that the gospel is the most important thing in all this! May God be with you and go before you to bring your boys home! Love, The Tossell Family

  10. Oh it is so good to see you guys holding your boys! To finally be there has got to be a whirlwind dream! They are just beautiful boys and cannot wait to see them grow up with you all!Blessing over you both during your journey!

  11. Got my book, thank you, can't wait to read it when the kids are in bed. Thanks again:)

  12. May God's love shine very loudly through your smiles, your kind tones, your sweetness, your tenacity.

  13. Wow!!! I just LOVE seeing these pictures and how God loves these little ones through you. May He open up all of our eyes to the plight of these special children, and may many many more adopt these kids!

  14. Glad to see you are keeping your chin up... toward Heaven! God has a plan - His ways are better than our ways! Perhaps we need to think that God helped Adeye "plant the seed" of God's LOVE in that orphanage. Then Tom & Patty, Josh and you with God's help are shining light and watering to help their seed of faith grow! When the Schwenzers and Hinzes arrive we will continue to "Garden with God!" Praying for you, those who follow you and those who will follow us - to adopt!