Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 3- Food, Water and Findings

View from our balcony. right in the middle of the picture you can the entrance to our grocery store. It has yellow letters

the park below our apartment.

More about these later.

Our street with Christmas lights.

The apartment building across from ours.

Today marked our 3rd day in country. When I speak to my littles back home it feels like a week has gone by. My Ash tries to give us toys and cheerios through the computer. He even gave me a kiss. Too sweet.

Josh and I ventured out for dinner. We walked through the local market place which was a lot like a farmers market. We then went to a local cafeteria. Our driver said it was good and that all we would have to do was point at what we wanted. Easy enough right? Its strange having to go on sight alone. We can't read the signs and don't understand the language so we went for it. We got a really tasty cold salad. I was all about it until I got a piece of raw fish. The crepes were AMAZING but I'm not sure what was inside of them. It also seemed like they put sour cream on everything even in the soup. The best part was the baked chicken, it was yummy. i will definitely order better next visit. I also visited the WC, (Patty!) and it was nice. This was the second public bathroom I ventured to and both have been extremely nice.

As for the water we aren't doing so hot. We can't figure out how to pick water with no gas. We have a bunch of carbonated water now and you would think we could figure this out but obviously not yet. I figure by the time we leave we will like carbonated water. We better or become dehydrated at the rate we are going!

As you can see from the pic above I bought shoes. I came across a store having a super sale. yay! good thing about shopping here, no one is overly helpful. Which means I can browse without giving up the fact that I don't speak the language. It is actually nice not to be bombarded by salesmen. I'm going to try out my shoes, which are fuzzy inside, tomorrow at our SDA appointment. I'm so EXCITED! about the appointment not the shoes hehe!

So I have noticed some things here and I want to share with you some of my random findings.
~everyone walks extremely fast!
~I have only seen 4 stray dogs, no cats, one of the dogs had just had puppies :o( They too walk very fast.
~ People on the street asking for money only come out at night. The older women lay face down on the ground asking for money. I wish I knew more about the services available to people here.
~I came across something that still wrenches my heart, a pregnant girl sitting on the side of the sidewalk with a cup in front of her. Her face haunts me. What was her story? Oh how I wish I spoke the language! Oh how I wish I could help her!
~I have also seen some young boys on the streets without proper clothing and begging. I wonder about their past. I wonder where they came from.
~People here are very serious. I stick out like a sore thumb. I try not to say hi to people as we pass and I try not to point and wave at things but I think the only way to accomplish this is to tie my hands. Josh keeps saying jokingly 'Stop it your going to get arrested!' He's a nut.
~When the light for the cross walk turns green you go. No matter whether there are cars still coming or not. I swear cars here can stop on a dime and pedestrians expect them to. Josh and I have joined the ranks and we just go!
~ I'm even more of a weanie than I originally thought. When trying on shoes I realized they weren't the most comfortable things. I was going to get boots with a heel but I couldn't hack it.
~ You can't (or we can't) buy just one onion. Josh went to the grocery today to buy some stuff and there was a bin of onions so he got one and put it in a bag. The checkout lady pointed to it and threw her hands up like "what is this?" He then went back and got a whole package of them. While he was gone the lady charged him for another plastic bag. Did I tell ya'll about that? You have to buy bags at the store even the plastic ones. He had taken ours but was gone to the onions at the time she rang up the bag.

Well I'm off to shower and then to bed and then to OUR SDA APPOINTMENT! YIPPEE!
I do hope this shower goes better than my first. I soaked the floor of the bathroom. apparently the shower curtain doesn't hold under pressure and the shower has fabulous water pressure. Wish me luck!


  1. Autumn, the "Bon Aqua" brand of water with the lightest blue lid is no gas. At the cafeteria, it's to the far left (we ate there a few times hehe). There is a dark blue cap, a green cap or the lightest blue. Go for the lightest blue. There are a couple of other ones that are "no gas" too... if you go back to our first two or three days of our trip on my blog I took a pic of our foods/water, and it was no gas too. LOL Hang in there, by the time you come home you will be a pro!! Sweet dreams! Tomorrow is a BREEZE!! Don't forget to shop a little across the street from the SDA.

  2. I just sent you an email about the water thing... don't think it's spam when you get some weird email about water!

  3. Hi Autum, I posted a comment on the YH group about the SDA appointment. You'll be amazed at how uneventful it is. With us it was more chit chat between Serge and the ladies. Oh I can relate on the grim faces. We just want to make a connection and it's just not there . So sad. the next fun thing if your coming to our region is the "sleeper train" AKA by my hubby "sleep torture" Take Dramamine so you'll try to sleep. Oh it would be nice to connect with another family. Comment on my blog if you're coming to our region.It's snowing! Feels like home in MN
    Praying for a great uneventful SDA appointment.

  4. It sounds like ya'll are having a great time! I am loving reading about your adventures. Keep the blog posts coming I can't wait to hear about tomorrow!

  5. Sounds like an adventure :)

    May our Lord prepare the way for you to get the two boys home safely. So exciting... I can't wait for Yuri to be running out in the sunshine on grass with pure joy because I see him standing in his crib looking sad.

    May the Lord bless you and encourage you all along the way. HalleluYah!! :)

    Will pray for everything to work out speedily.

  6. Don't drown, your boys need you!!

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  7. hi autumn,
    If you look really closely at the water label you will see that the carbonated water has gas bubbles on the label around the sun. When you go to the market ask for: vada, nee gassa (water no gas) the label should have NO bubbles around the sun :)
    Good luck tomorrow!!

  8. Hi there! I found your blog through Adeye's. I am so excited to read your story! You mentioned how serious the people there are. I traveled to U*raine on a missions trip a while back. Our interpreter told us that is the culture to appear pretty emotionless. That it's almost rude to be overly happy because you never know what the other person might be feeling, and you don't want them to feel bad. Does that make sense? But all of the Christians that we met there were really, really happy, and didn't follow that little culture rule at all. : ) God bless you on your journey! Can't wait until you meet your boys!

  9. I know what you mean with the pregnant girl. Only the girl we saw (we were in Serbia) had a tiny infant in her arms. The girl looked to be a young teenager. I can still see her face...we've been home for almost 2 weeks.

  10. At the Grocery store you have to have your produce weighed by a person in the produce area. That may be why the checkout lady was frustrated. We were there in October an November, just got homw with two girls 13 and 14 years old. We are praying for your process to go smoothly and quickly.

  11. Thinking of you guys today and, of course, stalking your blog and waiting for an update :o) It's fun to read about your adventures there and the cultural differences. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your apartment in Kiev is the same we stayed at when we got back to Kiev for our Embassy appts. :)

    Your boys are gorgeous! Good luck!