Friday, December 17, 2010

Star Date 5- 171210 Captain's Log- Kissing Babies!

Today is the day we have ALL been waiting for for a very long time. We got to meet our boys today! Yippee! Here are the pics and then I will fill you in. (I know what's really important ;o))
Yuri, Josh, Me, Bohdan
This was taken near the end of our visit

Bohdan was 'Made to be loved!!" can you tell? This little guy just melts in your arms. He was completely content to just 'be' with us. He was inquisitive too and thought that thing on Daddy's face felt funny. He kept touching Josh's goatee and pulling his hand back and looking at it, like "did it get on me?" Too cute!

Sweet Yuri rocking back and forth with his daddy. He was out of it and ready for a nap. At the end he started rocking forward and back and hitting his head on Josh's shoulder. Josh just reassured him, rocked with him and sang to him. As Josh said to Yuri, "Good thing your daddy is cushy!"

Bohdan playing with Momma. I would go in to give him kisses on his cheek, mouth, or neck and he would laugh and smile and put his hands out. He would grab my face and my nose like he was trying to figure me out. This all of course was after both of his hands being in his mouth so I got a good dose of spit lovin'. You gotta love being a momma!

Kisses from Daddy
You can see how tired he is and 'these crazy people won't let me sleep and just keep
kissing on me!'

Bohdan was putting both hands in his mouth at the same time. One of the Nannies came in and got on to him and tried to take his hands out of his mouth. I told her it is no use, I can't keep Caius' out of his mouth either. I figure we can work on it more later when we have more time.

Yuri and Daddy

Just minutes after we met the boys. Yuri was very interested in the ceiling and kept looking up.
We had an absolutely wonderful time at the orphanage today. I love our driver and our facilitator they both are very sweet. We got to the orphanage around 11am. We were taken upstairs where we were met by a lady from something like social services, the doctor and our facilitator. As we are all standing around talking, two nannies walked in with our babies. I was so excited and immediatley asked to hold them.
They were both so little. The doctor told us more about them and their diagnosis'. Yuri and Bohdan weigh 16 and 13 pounds respectively. Their little hands and arms were so tiny. Yuri was very long and strong. I sat down to take notes from the doctor with him in my arms and he pushed back and beared weight on his legs like 'lets go, I'm outta here!' I gave him to Josh and Josh was like 'wow your are active!' Both boys had just eaten right before we got them, so they were ready for their nap.
We got a ton of info from the doctor. Yuri was a premie and suffered from asphyxiation during birth. He was in the hospital 3 months as an infant. Poor baby.
I got apgar scores, birth weight on Yuri, and number of siblings (they both have siblings).
Everyone at the orphanage was extremely nice. I took an album of pictures of Hailee and Harper, Adeye's girls that she adopted from this same orphanage and Hailee came from my boy's same room. Her blog is at Anyway I showed the doctor, the nannies and our facilitator and everyone went crazy over the pictures. They were so excited about Hailee's progress and just to see the girls again. They kept going and getting more people to look at the album and also the albums of our family. Our facilitator said that the nannies were very impressed by the pictures of Yuri and Bohdan's room. They even asked what we were going to name them and were happy to hear we were keeping names from their native country.
Yuri was getting very tired and was done with this whole deal so the Nanny took him back to his crib and we followed with Bohdan. It was then I got to meet Julia. Her crib was the closet to the door and the Nanny had picked up a toy that she had dropped and gave it back to her. She started giggling. I tickled her leg and she started laughing and mean laughing! A deep hysterical belly laugh. We loved it, she is awesome and really stinkin' cute! Pictures do not do her justice. I kept trying to explain to the Nanny that her momman and daddy were coming for her but I'm not sure she understood. I can't find the link right now to her family's page but it is in the right side bar of my blog if you want to see this little cutie!
Well Josh is already asleep and I'm going to join him. It has been a long and draining 24 hours. By the way, the train ride was awesome, with a clean cabin and a very clean bathroom. Our apartment here is awesome. We just need to find a grocery store. hmmm... Tomorrow we get to see the boys 2 times so we will probably explore the city Sunday.
Please continue to pray that we can have court SOON! That everything is expedited and the 10 day waiting period is removed. Thanks for everything!!!


  1. Oh how beautiful to see those boys in your ARMS where they belong!!!!! I have been waiting and refreshing all day :o) They are tiny (based on the weights you gave) but Bohdan looks bigger than I thought he would (which is awesome!). I'm thrilled to hear that they are so ACTIVE and RESPONSIVE to you already, amazing! Love that you go to share pictures of Hailee and Harper and see sweet Julia too. Can't wait to see and hear more! Keep it coming :o)

  2. All I have to say is....

  3. Oh yay!!! We are just praising and thanking Jesus that you got to meet your boys.

    We are so excited - thank you for posting the photos.

    We will be following along on your journey and praying for you!

    Lee and Karen Shervheim :)


  4. What a blessing to read this & see the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! I'm going to re-read it...again :)
    Many prayers for you from here.

  5. So happy to read this, and see pics of your precious boys. They really ARE precious... beautiful, beautiful boys!

    Glad to hear the staff were excited to hear about Hailee's progress :) And of course I'll pray for a quick process!

  6. Oh Autumn!!! I'm soooo thrilled for you!! Your boys are beautiful! And how exciting that you got to see Julia too! I have chills just looking at the pics of your sweet babies! Praying for all of your requests. God is GOOD!!

  7. Autumn & Josh,

    We were so excited to see the pictures of you and the boys. They are adorable. Glad that you had a enjoyable train ride and that the apartment is nice. COngratulations! We will be in touch.

    Patty and Tom

  8. yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heart. LOOK at those precious little angel boys. Oh friend, they are just perfect and have not changed a single bit since I was with them.

    My heart is full to overflowing. I cannot believe that you are there.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


  9. How wonderful!!!! Praise God. We were in your city a year ago and yes, we really enjoyed the train ride too. Very impressive. Who is your driver and facilitator?? If it's Tatyana tell her Mike & Martha say hello!

    (or Iryna your driver-tell her we also said hello and Laurel is doing great!)

  10. Aaawww, two itty bitty beautifuls! Looks like you had a wonderful first meeting!!

  11. Two tiny little boys who are being rescued. I am just sitting quietly giving thanks for you - your step of faith - your willingness to cross the ocean to get two little boys who would NOT have survived transfer. Thank you Jesus. Thank you. Praying that your testimony of love, coupled with the pictures of sweet Hailee and Harper will bring about life-giving changes in the hearts and the minds of the caretakers and the administration at that orphanage. Please Dear Lord!

  12. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!!!! We are praying, praying, praying! I am so glad you got to see Julia! I am calling Carey now!
    Here is her blog -

  13. Absolutely wonderful day! PTL : ) Thank you so much for putting our mind at ease that Julia is doing so well. We are elated!

  14. The pictures of you holding those precious boys brought tears to my eyes. They are saved! Praise God.

  15. awesome pictures, I'm so glad that you and Josh *finally* got to see and hold your boys! :)

    I cried when I read about the staff seeing the changes in Hailee... I pray that they will realise how much love can do and pour love into the children in the room.

    And it's awesome about Julia! can't wait for her family to get her too :)

    Thank you for sharing and yes will pray for 10 day waiver and for everything to go smoothly.

  16. Oh my they are GORGEOUS! I'm just so happy to see them with you!!

  17. Oh Bodhan is tiny!!!! Thanks for the pics first! You rock. :)

    They are adorable. I know they are wondering who on earth you are. I can't wait until they light up when they see you.

    How wonderful the caretakers got to see Hailee and Harper's pics!!! SO awesome!!!

  18. just found your blog through RR,love to follow along. Congratulations on your precious little ones

  19. I love this post, Autumn. I can hardly believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Autumn!!! I am SO SO SO happy. Smiling from ear to ear seeing your pictures with your boys. Praying for a speedy process for you all. Safe travels. How great is our God! :)

  21. Yay! What beautiful boys! Very excited for your family. :)

    PS. We had that same apartment last week!

  22. Oh, this is so exciting! The boys are so cute. Wonderful to hear that Julia has a great belly laugh.

  23. ohhhh look at you all....just so devine! sending all our love and hugs to you all from New Zealand.